Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Bee

It buzzes past the myriad mazes
of a ticking, restless mind.
Maze after maze, it searches for nectar,
that dewy, lusty taste of life.
There is a forest of grey and white,
a forlorn winter scape.
High walls and claustrophobia
guard this haunting world of nonexistence.
The bee hovers and beats its wings aimlessly,
willfully hitting itself on the dank walls.
With each passing day,
there are flakes of gossamer wing
tumbling down like the hopes of a spring,
of blossoms abundant.
And then, there is the bee,
floating and gliding in a vacuum
without any wing, without any spring.


  1. Nice poem. Have you written this after seeing the movie "The Bee". Is the bee metaphor for a human life and existence.

  2. Thanks dear. No it's not the after effect of "The Bee". But yes, you could say it's a metaphor for life in general, about dreams and hopes.


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