Friday, August 6, 2010

An old poem

It has been quite long since I've posted any poem. I found some fragments of an old poem, of old buried feelings, most of which I have outgrown. Or perhaps they outgrew me...

Such times were they...
Once called "once upon a time"
When the trees chimed and elves danced
The sun was a lump of citrine, the moon an enchanted mirror...
Love truly meant sleepless nights
Children trailed ruts of pixie dust...

In such times of perfection,
the storm came, one that comes after the proverbial lull.
So much happened, the change of hearts and hearths
Hopes aborted and lives defeated.
So many bits were scattered in the air --
A constellation of marred dreams.

I came out of it unscathed, albeit a little tired
Treading on the debris of skin and scars
into the clutches of a new world.
One without edges or frills,
a womb of openness.
No more walls.

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