Thursday, August 21, 2014

O Captain, my Captain!

(image courtesy: Pinterest)

It has been more than a week and the world's back to its usual, sad rounds. But some things take time to sink in. Even when you are far, far removed from its bleak actuality. You are still capable of feeling that ache, however feeble and tangential. You are still shaken, for days together, by the tragedy of it all. Such is how some people touch your lives. And he was one of them. 
Farewell, Robin Williams. Thank you for the laughs. And for that eternal twinkle in your now-happy, now-sad eyes. You'll be missed. Terribly.


  1. I think that millions feel this way.
    It's the waste, and the knowledge that a person has felt so absolutely powerless/worthless/desperate/alone and without any other choice............

  2. Hello Suman

    He was a brilliant actor and comedian and entertained us for decades. A talented and sensitive man. Requiescat in Pace

  3. People die; people die every day; even now, as I write this,people are dying all around the world of horrible causes, but when someone you know dies, someone you looked up to, someone who inspired you and made you dream, someone you loved and respected, the death sinks into you, the depression seeps into you; the death of that person changes you and you no longer are what you used to be.

  4. Yes,he will be greatly missed.......but he has left his films.....what a legacy!


  5. Isn’t it funny how someone whom we don’t know and who is with us only through his work can become a much loved friend, whose passing affects us all.

    it is so sad that he could not make it.

  6. Yes. I heard about this (one of the few news items I heard about) on my recent Camino.


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