Thursday, January 19, 2012


A rather strange legacy follows me wherever I go - snow storms! They somehow make their way onto my nomadic trail, be it any part of the country. As I write this, snow falls moodily; furious now, gentle the next moment. The Pacific Northwest is witnessing a storm of historical proportions, so the weather news says. We have been trapped in snow storms before and therefore know the nagging anxiety it gives rise to. This time, fortunately, it does not look that bad and I sincerely hope it stays so.
Although being cooped inside all day does not feel exactly uplifting, I try to sneak out and take some pictures now and then. Perhaps the only bright side of the picture.

It's time for a hot steaming cup of ginger tea, my third since the morning. There couldn't be a more perfect day to drown oneself in that warm, gingery aroma. Hope there's no storm in my tea cup now!

Snow blossoms; verb or noun, who cares as long as it is beautiful. An old, favourite mug that I had long forgotten till a rampant search for 'something with snowflakes' was conducted. A futile attempt to catch the ethereal flurries before the greedy rains lick them all in a day or two. The freezing landscape dressed in a soft palette of grays and whites. A strange reverberating calm.


  1. Last year and the year before we had a lot of snow. It was very,very beautiful but made life very hard. We had to leave the car and walk in every day. We had to heave coal and logs and try to do everything we could in daylight. It all started to feel quite fragile and a real struggle. We have lost so much of the sense of danger in our cushioned lives. I am glad to have felt that frisson of fear but I admit that I don't mind if it doesn't happen this year!

  2. It's beautiful, isn't it - that reverberating silence? Well put!

  3. Snow. I had none of that this year. There is a part of me that misses it. I've recently learned to appreciate tea once again.

    Lovely photos!

  4. I'm so glad you snuck outside to get these shots. It seems the snow was so quick this year. Here and then...gone!

  5. elizabethm, true, it does get very unreal at such times. I wish you clear skies and happy weather this year.

    Pondside, a "terrible beauty" it is!

    That gentleman's lady, thank you so much for dropping by.

    alexandria, exactly! And now I see the sun outside, bright and big.


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