Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sun, surf, smiles

A big Aloha to all from Hawaii! Perhaps this happens to be the most hurried vacation plan we have ever hatched, almost at the stroke of midnight sometime last week. But it couldn't have happened at a more perfect time. We badly needed (or rather deserved) a break, what with the continuous spell of gloomy weather and the upcoming 'moving to India' chaos pushing us to the edge with each passing day.

Just a handful of days of tourist websites hunting, list making and rushed shopping and here we are in the heart of Hawaii - the enchanting island of Oahu. What seemed like a flight of forever was well rewarded by the welcoming vista of swaying palms, fragrant plumerias, plump hibiscuses and the multicolored crotons. And yes, the gulmohars are in bloom too! Although at such a distance, but the warm coastal breeze and the flora remind me so much of home and our tiny tropical gardens. Of course we don't have spectacular, turquoise beaches like these. Not for nothing it's called paradise!

So bye-bye rain and crabbiness, and Aloha sunshine and smiles.


  1. Not you too, Suman?!? Am I the only one left sodden and shivering in the Pacific Northwest? Sometimes I think so. Hawaii is a dream of mine......enjoy!

  2. Aloha Suman. Enjoy your holiday ! A bientôt

  3. Yay! I love the spontaniety of travel.


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