Sunday, September 11, 2011

Grapes are sour

But most aren't. Or are they?

How does one live in pretense and not peep inside one's self, for once?
For how long could one continue wearing that tempting, deceitful blindfold?

Sure, that is the less complicated way to live. But till when?
Is it really that difficult to bare all to oneself? The flaws and the failures.

I'm no practitioner of denial. It is what it is. Life.
May be I'm no clever fox.


  1. Hmmmm this one leaves me thinking, wondering.
    I try to keep things real on the blog, without drawing the curtain too wide open on the lives of the dear ones with whom I live.

  2. Dear Pondside, thanks for being the first one to comment on this rather warped post. I'm sorry I got you all confused and wondering. What you do is absolutely proper and one should definitely maintain a certain discretion in public platforms such as this.

    What worries me here is the careless lying to oneself, the refusal to look beyond the howling imperfections and above all the blowing of one's own trumpet to mask the flaws.
    I hope I don't come across as too judgmental. May be this is just a bad day.

  3. your post made me should always be truthful to himself if not to anybody.. why such a small blog..

  4. Umesh, just posted a lengthier write-up. Hope you are happy! :-)
    While writing this, I was in a sour mood, hence the post.


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