Friday, September 2, 2011

A leaf and another birthday

I have turned, and how!

Vein by vein, pore by pore
You've coloured
and changed me so
I sure have bloomed
Oh my, just how!

There was once a time so green
Precious childhood, that waxy sheen
Then came along the Sun,
the Rain and a few strange signs
I tossed and turned
blushed and burned
And I never was the same again.

Drunk with light, neck-deep in life
Dressed in such shooting rainbows dear
Do I care for that gust of wind
That bullies me so?

The autumn woman celebrates another birthday today, and what better than a colour-kissed geranium leaf (that too from her own plant!) to mark the day.

Autumn, sure, is in the air. Welcome back trendy sweaters, scurrying squirrels, smiling chrysanthemums, fat pumpkins and apples galore.
And yes, may be a little wisdom too.


  1. so much love .. thanks for sharing !

    and yes, happy bday ..

  2. Happy Birthday - it sounds like it might be one with a zero in the number - all good!

  3. Bro, thank you!

    Anonymous, thank you for the wishes as well as the visit!

    Pondside, not yet, not yet. But will be there very soon! :-) Thank you!

  4. Happy Birthday! Autumn is the best time of year.


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