Sunday, August 30, 2009

Autumn therapy

Wings of feisty yellow and fiery red
flutter elfishly on the earth's mosaic-ed face.
A subtle pattern here, a mellow contour there
a delightful burst of life all around.
The greens of yesterday have emptied the sun,
having drunk its moods and colours, sip by sip.
Maple reds, Birch yellows, Oak golds....

Sure, there's a spell I can hear!
For this surreal, painted landscape --
Can this be real?
Must be the heady smell of the ripe, plump air!
Or perhaps something with the sun kissed colours
that nudge a nostalgic nerve of lost, forgotten years.

The flaming canvas ignites a soothing warmth
in the cold, dark chambers of my mindscape.
This golden panorama rekindles
a lost sense of tranquility.
Maple reds, Birch yellows, Oak golds...
Yes, colours can cure.
Sure enough, autumn does heal.

1 comment:

  1. Maple reds, Birch yellows, Oak golds... lovely! re-creating the colours for me...


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