Friday, August 21, 2009

Little somethings

An unexpected drizzle in a summer afternoon, a falling autumn leaf, the wafting aroma of ginger tea, a restless squirrel scurrying up and down the tree, the surprise of a perfectly golden dawn... These are just a few of such countless everyday scenes from regular life. Yet there's a little something in all of them. Yes, the little somethings.
What is it exactly that often catches us unawares? Like magic we travel across borders of time and space with a fuzzy, warm feeling in the stomach. I, for one, get ecstatic whenever I would manage a little jig in the rain, or see a new bud popping out on my frail potted geranium. Such moments witness an abandonment of the cares, as if a world bustling with urgency and responsibility could always wait! At times like these I often find myself wrapped in high spirits and aboard Aladdin's magic carpet. Of course, I'm an incurable romantic! But there is certainly a lot more to it. These otherwise mundane happenings spread a certain positivity and hope. For some blessed moments it feels that the world around us is forgiving and innocent. That it actually has one single, straight face. Hypocrisy seems like a myth that has gathered dust over years of neglect. A mellowed tone blankets my thoughts, which otherwise normally take an erratic course on foggy days. An incredible feeling cracks me up from inside. A voice sings to me - "life is beautiful... tra la laa laaa..."
But sad it is, that quite often we brush aside these innumerable eloquent moments as mere insignificant trifles. In the name, or rather excuses, of aims and ambitions we nudge the beautiful slideshow of life with a cold, indifferent shoulder. If only one knew then that once gone, they go away for ever. For the flowers do have a mind of their own, never the bird will sing the same song again and not always a morning rises up with rosy, golden hues. So carpe diem, my dear friends. Seize the day!
Perhaps I should turn to Gulzar, who always does perfect justice to my incoherent thoughts --
"Choti baatein, choti-choti baaton ki hai yaadein badi,
Bhoole nahin beeti hui ek choti ghadi."
(It is the little things in life that are remembered the most,
And I haven't forgotten a single such moment spent...)


  1. Choti-choti baaton ki hai yaadein badi... aur ye yaadain hi hume jeene ka maksad deti hain.

    Life is full of tension, violence, arrogance, vulgarity and it seems to me sometimes why I am even living in this nasty world. Tied up by social norms, physical constraints, mental blocks and lot of cognitive pressure we still strive just for something more.

    Do we even have some time to sit and ponder why are we running all our life? What do we want eventually? Is it money, fame, power ….Kya chahete hai hum…. When encountered with this question we all say we need happiness… Then why are we running after all these things. Some might argue that they give us happiness…. but is really true? When we have money we strive for fame and when we get fame we go out for power and the list goes on … we never are satisfied and the major reason is we do not exactly know what gives us happiness and we never try to put effort in knowing that instead we hit around the bush to find some solace.

    I personally have thought a lot of hours on what I eventually need and what makes me happy. At the end of it I felt it is not money, fame, power that makes us happy rather they are the things which makes us more and more unhappy. Then why are we still in this rat race. Reason is simple yet looks fuzzy. Are we excited by the journey itself rather than the final destination? And the day we understand this and start to enjoy choti choti baatain and chote chote kaam we would start to enjoy live.

    So just pause for some minutes and think about all the routine, mundane and boring work that you always wanted to get away in your life. Will your life be same if they are not there? Will you feel happy if you achieve all the success without even trying?

    Kisi ne saach hi kaha hai “Zindegi jeene ke liye har pal ko jeena zaarori hai”. Even the bad moments add a great value to your life. So enjoy every moment of your life.

  2. How very true. And with an uncertain life, I think it's best to enjoy these moments as much as we can. And today's blooming geranium tomorrow can die, the trees that shed beautiful leaves today, will be chopped off tomorrow. "Carpe diem"...


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