Friday, August 21, 2009

A summer rain

Pomegranate blossom in rain

The rain waltzes in with the august company of myriad hopes.
The oozing odour of the wet earth
unhinges my complete being.
I strip myself of the much accumulated worldliness
to partake in nature's pagan celebration.
My thoughts march ahead and rest on the rain drenched greenery.
Green... the harbinger of optimism!
Isn't rain cathartic?

I watch the quivering leaves flinch,
feverish with the weight of the promiscuous rain drops on them.
The droplets dangle precariously,
queued on the edge of the leaf,
as if to leave would mean the end of the world!
But, isn't life all about holding fast?
To someone, to something?

I can hear the rain seeping into my head.
I can feel my vision blur.


  1. I think you managed to capture the essence associated with rain ..poignant yet pleasurably stimulating :)

  2. Truly Micky’s composition. So beautiful so visual….. grt work dear.

    With this blog of yours, I feel that the nature has presented us such beautiful gifts that we can never thank it. Beautiful rain, morning sunshine, cool breeze and the list is never ending. But with this happiness, a fear also resides in my heart that will the next generation be able to see and feel all these? Humans are playing an evil game with the environment for last 200-300 years. Especially in the last 100 years, as the mankind has progressed exponentially, they have forgotten that it is a zero sum game with the environment. Each time mankind wins; the loss is borne by the environment. It is high time now and the environment is reacting like a wounded venomous snake as if it wants to take revenge of the exploitation it faced in last 100 years. Yesterday I saw the movie “New York” and felt that if 9 months of detention and unfriendly behavior could turn a happy going lucky man into a deadly terrorist then 100 years of exploitation of the environment would make it a demon. If we look at the statistics of earthquake, natural calamities, epidemics, new diseases, riots, and other dreadful events in last 30 years, we’ll see a sharp rise in all these events. Can we still blind ourselves and ignore the demon? Can we even do anything now?

    Well I feel what’s done is done but our generation can change things. We cannot restore what is already gone but we can for sure do best in our part to save the environment as it is for our future generation. Small things help in conserving the environment and trust me we can bring in these small changes. Can’t we plant a tree every year… each person planting only a single tree each year makes a huge difference. Can’t we reuse our resources and reduce the wastage… just reusing the stuffs will reduce the environment degradation to 60 %... Our generation can stop the evil effect of blind consumerisation by not throwing the cloths and stuffs before their life time is over just because the fashion changes… Please do understand fashion changes because we change it . Small steps by all of us can really help our earth.

    “If we do not care about the environment today, then the environment won’t care about us in future”

  3. Isnt life all about holding onto someone.....something or mostly sweet nothings......and who but rain would symbolise that???????

    poignant it so much........remind me of Guljar's


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