Sunday, August 30, 2009

Thanks for everything

Two souls snuggled
under a lone umbrella,
their cloistered world peopled with raindrops outside.
Rain, the divine intervention, as someone had once called it!
The umbrella is a shield.
It muffles the unpleasant worldly advice of caution.

Rain or tears...
Who drenched me?
I would not know.
I could not feel.
Could only hear a defeated, hesitant whisper....
"Thanks for everything".

My eye lids felt tired and heavy.
The dream sitting on them had left.
But the rain was there, still hitting hard as ever,
chilling me from skin to bone.
As if to remind me of the reality clock ticking away...
Ah! So it was a dream after all!

I kept thinking of the faceless stranger under my umbrella.

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