Thursday, August 18, 2011

Because I cannot go to Italy...

... it must come to me.

Through farfalle with fresh tomato and basil sauce. And National Geographic's gorgeous shots of Lake Como. Viva Italia!


  1. I like that! :)

    I have an obsession with Travel books. At one point in Goa, Rubal pointed out to me that I had more books on Goa than one of the biggest big stores in Goa.

  2. We all have our ways of comforting ourselves when we can't have what we want - and your way is a good one. I could never say 'no' to a good book or a good meal - especially if either had the word 'Italian' attached!

  3. @ Jivtesh, I dare doubt Rubal's claim! How else could one manage to cover the length and breadth of Goa so beautifully as you two did?! :-)

    @ Pondside, ditto!! Anything remotely Italian, French or British countryside and I am there. And I do feel that books (and sometimes good food) take us to places where our feet can't/won't.

  4. Yes, whether we go to Italy, or it comes to us, it will always be special.

  5. @ The Solitary Walker, couldn't agree less. Thank you for visiting my ruminations. :-)


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