Sunday, August 28, 2011


A black-headed gull in flight on Liberty Island, NYC

Last night Rumi spoke to me, in my dreams... "I want to sing like the birds sing, not worrying about who hears or what they think." Or was it the wee bit o' crack between sleep and consciousness?

I wake up and wonder - how hard is it to be a bird? To fly? Just spread your faith and glide on it, as if you belong there. As if the sky is yours and its feathery, fathomless infinity your clothes. Wear the engulfing yet liberating azure.

At times the brisk air catches you unaware, shaking a string of stories and songs. You might waver and fall, but fall you must. For as a phoenix you will be reborn, shedding the ashes of rejection and rise again from the very embers that had gulped you so thoughtlessly once.

And when in mid air, just remember - the ominous land and the embracing skies are balanced by you, within you. Soar higher or crash. It is just you.


  1. "Just spread your faith and glide on it, as if you belong there" -- Too good :)

  2. I wish - sometimes I think I can - and then I think too much.

  3. @ Sambhram, I'm touched! :P

    @ Pondside, we all do that, don't we? The flight of imagination, you see!

  4. I often tend to crash rather than soar higher - but that's just me, I suppose, and perhaps that's OK too!

  5. Solitary Walker, despite these uplifting posts, I, too, share the same fate. And true, that's ok too. :-)


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