Saturday, August 6, 2011


Dear friends,

I just realised what an absolute idiot I am! Yes, despite all those intermittent flashes of wisdom and poetry. I had no idea why my friends, who are not on Blogger, could not comment on my posts. And when they told me what kept them back, I did not do anything about it except just upload the 'Reactions' button and fret after every comment-less post. How very me, indeed! It never occurred to me to check my comment settings. So much for being an active blogger for the past two years!
Now that lightning has finally struck and I have at last activated the comment settings to 'anyone', it would mean a lot if you would leave a word or two. I shall be saved from choking in the filth of so huge an embarrassment. Believe me, my dear readers, nothing had shamed me so. Ever.

Thank you!

Mortified yet fantastically hopeful,


  1. Well, how very delightful to the be the first!
    I hope the comments will come flooding in from now on :)

  2. Bade Bade Desho Mein Aisi Chhoti Chotti Baatein Hoti Rehti Hai..there is no shame in accepting something which u were not aware now u just write and the comments will follow..

  3. Dear Sharon, thank you for restoring my faith. :-)

    Umesh, I know, I know... Will do as advised, sir. :-)

  4. hei mickey di!
    kiran here. sona n milu's fren(ramadevi era!). hope u remember!
    well......i m an ardent follower of ur blog. i m amazed by ur flair for writing. wanted to adulate u but bcoz of the glitch tht u were unaware of i cudnt do so. so here i m raving abt ur blog-too good! superb! great read!

  5. Kiran!! Of course I remember you gal! Thank you so much for your kind words, feels great to be so appreciated.
    How have you been? Drop me your email id at It'd be really nice to catch up after all these years.


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