Sunday, August 7, 2011

Lavender craze

After the much loud and unladylike whining in the last couple of posts, I am all elegant and wise again. At least I shall try, despite myself. The deluge of regrets and rants have been tossed to where it belongs - yesterday. Dieu merci!! The catalyst is always a book, or a movie (these days it is mostly French and hence the broken, ungrammatical bits of phrases and expressions!), or a piece of chaste nature. And nature it is - lavender, the enchantress! As an ardent admirer of the tiny yet powerfully magical flowers and that haunting fragrance, lavender means so much more to me - colour, hope, love, and above all tranquility. I have always envied my fellow bloggers who live in the to-die-for scenic English and French countrysides and enjoy nature's bounty to the hilt, where they could have a complete lavender farm to themselves. Why lavender, any other flower for that matter. Sigh! No matter, no matter... With a solitary pot that has been generous enough to burst and bow with purple glory, I have made Provence out of my cozy green patio. Hence soothed and lulled to the very bones, I write this, enwrapped in my purple dreams.

Ooh and yes, there are the dried flowers too. How about a lavender cupcake one of these days?!

The dainty lavender lady fluttering in the wind

Peeping over The Art of Fiction

Afternoon tea with the other patio friends - Miss Gerby (gerbera) and Miss Gery (geranium)

Dried lavender flowers

And, the happy moi. All purged!


  1. @ Sam, got to thank the husband for the once in a blue moon comment! :-D

    @ Jija, I'm blushing all over!

  2. nice reminds me of the song lavender blue

  3. Umesh, thank you. If not for your reminder, I had almost forgotten that cute little song!


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