Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Reliving the Golden

Last weekend, we squeezed in a mini break to San Francisco. It was long due, since July probably, and our friends down there wouldn't take another excuse. Now howsoever ardent a mountain lover one might be, who could resist the temptation of California? More so when it is the exciting Bay Area. Not me! 
Also, since we have lived there once before in the course of our nomadic sojourns, the place evokes some very warm memories. Therefore I just wanted to go, for the sake of a closure may be. 

But the most seducing of all the factors was a visit to the Golden Gate Bridge. This was my third visit to this spectacular and probably most photographed bridge, yet I have come back unquenchable again. There is something about the geographical juxtaposition of the bridge that makes it so unique and impressive. I often imagine it as a giant, mythical red bird emerging out of the blue waters. And each time I have been there, the bird has fanned out its wings and made more room for itself in my heart.

The Golden Gate Bridge spreadeagled across the Pacific... the San Francisco downtown rests on the watchful cradle of the bridge... the throbbing pulse of the Bay Area traffic runs on the bridge... walking by its towering presence... the evening sets in and so does the legendary fog... the flaming orange doused by the dense, mysterious fog... frenzied seagulls follow us around the ferry... a cargo ship crosses under the bridge... my mind rushes to plunders of the Caribbean and the whimsical Jack Sparrow... the fog, the gulls and the ship with the majestic Golden Gate in the backdrop paint an unforgettable picture of drama and timelessness... the prized moment when nature and man conspire together to create something so breathtaking... night creeps in and the walkway on the bridge beckons... the thrill of the crisp ocean air and the scant traffic... one look up at the climb and drop of the mammoth railings... some golden memories relived, some more spun... a golden day indeed.


  1. Wow! I'd love to visit San Francisco and see the Golden Gate. It is such an icon - the whole place is, really.

  2. Loved the 2nd photo, its amazing.

  3. Hi Saman,the photos are beautiful.

  4. What an amazing city ! I too love the second picture. The bridge seems to be unreal. The colors are so beautiful !

  5. Somebody put it so nicely

    My arms are flung across the deep,
    Into the clouds my towers soar,
    And where the waters never sleep,
    I guard the California shore....

    I have been there so many times but everytime it presents itself with a new look.. Nice article..and the pictures are great...

  6. Very good article… the narration is dramatically calmed, beautiful and quite. It depicts the depth of your thought swinging over the bridge. Excellent writing.

    However my complaint to Sam , not to visit me. ….Not sure who I am? Ask Sam, the very busy man.

  7. Pondside, couldn't agree more! The city definitely has loads of charm and character.

    Zahir, thank you! That is my favourite, too. :-)

    Sunny, thank you!

    Celine, yes the bridge does seem very surreal, especially when fog-wrapped in the dusk.

    Anonymous, true! The city, on every new visit, has always got something more to say.

    Anonymous, now that I did ask Sam, I know who you are. Thank you so much for dropping by, Tanay!


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