Monday, October 31, 2011

Say "Boo"!

It's pumpkin time. When its overwhelming mellowness follows you in an aroma trail wherever you go - pies, breads, lattes, lanterns, pumpkin patches, and sometimes in the most unusual of places, my head. Because it's Halloween. Another colourful festival. Another excuse to switch off the unmelodious, humdrum song of life. And surely another day to live and love.

So when a much preoccupied devil woman was baking these pumpkin spice cupcakes and fretting over the messy icing, her hippie husband was beaming over how perfect his carving of a spider was. And what a contest of charades - his abnormally large, bouncy wigged head to her glaring red horns!
The warmth oozing from the heady mix of the pumpkin and the spices, and the quaking golden leaves from the kitchen window painted a perfect little autumn paradise. Dusk fell and then came along the other masqueraders, some ghostly and other adorable but all radiant in their bizarre best. And it was a happy, happy night that followed. Of fun, food and friendship. 

Wish you all a very happy Halloween! Boo!!


  1. Hi Saman,fasinating post,and keep visiting my blog

  2. Sunny, sure! And thank you for your lovely comments.


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