Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Olympic Peninsula

Who says one needs a long, meticulously planned getaway to weave memories of a lifetime? Just a ferry away from home and a couple hours of drive through cozy little port towns with a distinct native American charm, and there you are - the breathtaking Olympic Peninsula. The surprises included glacial lakes, snow clad mountains, temperate rain forests and beaches with haystack rocks. All in all, a tiny world in itself, bursting with natural beauty. And what did I bring home back - forever

The guardian-like towering totem poles thronged the way... scores of Indian legends carved on fragrant cedar barks... a day by the side of the serene Lake Crescent... lazing under a mellow sun, amid wild flowers with Ian McEwan's On Chesil Beach... sighing over buxom rhododendrons, preening in the morning light... gazing dreamily at the floating marshmallow clouds... a drive down to Forks, the Twilight town in the late afternoon... once a quaint little lumber town, now all 'dazzled by Twilight'... how things change... Rialto beach, dramatic with the scores of bleached driftwood... contemplating the ocean's endlessness through the giant hollow of a log... spectacular haystacks stand high in the green waters... the day ends with a beautiful cedar planked smoked salmon... a drive up to the majestic Olympic mountains the next morning... snow, still there in patches, like a tattered blanket on the ground... baby bear spotted on our way down, bewildered by the sudden attention of cars and cameras... an idle afternoon walk in the old growth forests of the Pacific northwest... the forest trails paved with tiny blue forget-me-not flowers... resolute brooks gurgling through mossy rocks... sailing into the sunset on the evening ferry... gulls flapping their wings on the golden waters... watching the mountains blur into distant shadows... home, hale and hearty.


  1. Tres romantique! Just love the totem pole.

  2. I didn't know the Olympic Peninsula. What a beautiful place for a walk ! It looks so peaceful ! Thank you for sharing. Celine

  3. The Solitary Walker, merci beaucoup! I, too, love them.

    Celine, yes it's a great place to be lost for a day or two. If you ever happen to be on this side of the globe, I shall be happy to show you around. May be we can take a walk by the lakeside too!

  4. Suman, i would like to ! I hope one day.

  5. Prasanta K. PurohitFebruary 28, 2013 at 8:29 AM

    Dear Mickey,
    Mamu here. In fact, Mamu of Sandip-Swagat, but yours too. Came to know of this marvelous blog of yours from your father, my revered Swain sir, last evening. I'm much impressed by your random ruminations. Keep writing. I hope to return back to these wonderful pages again and again to read and offer my comments. My best wishes to you and family.
    Prasanta Mamu

    1. That is so kind of you, Prasanta Mamu. Thank you for dropping by my blog, and for leaving such a lovely comment. I feel extremely lucky to be appreciated by you. Please do keep visiting.




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