Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I heart carnations

Dainty whorls of lace
Charm borrowed from a fairy face
Petals of pearly delight
A poet's giddy flight
A lover's teasing weapon
An unfurling of wild imagination
A close-knit ethereal dream
Colours trailing from a prismatic stream

All these and much more...
But not 'paper flowers' as some like to call it.


  1. have lot of good memories of evry weekend gifting carnations

  2. Really lovely! I like the line "a poet's giddy flight"

  3. Another beautiful poem ! I love carnations. I am used to red carnations. But this colour is beautiful. It's more delicate.

  4. libererlesprit, reliving certain fond memories does a lot of good, you know...

    Sunny, thank you, especially for being such a regular reader here.

    Alexandria, many thanks!

    Celine, merci! I love the red ones too, and the purple ones as well.


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