Saturday, November 5, 2011

Colorado Gold I

Because I frequently rant (and how unceremoniously!) about change and our continuous nomadic life, this wonderful opportunity fell on my lap. A sign perhaps? That every cloud has a silver lining. That being a trailing spouse has its own perks and it ain't that bad after all. Especially when you are an avid mountain worshiper. Especially when it's the Colorado Rockies. And especially when it's autumn. It doesn't get better than that, does it now?

The picturesque drive on our way to Aspen... the hovering presence of the Rocky mountains throughout... the surreal spread of the golden aspen foliage on the foothills... painted hills, they sure were... the mountains again, proud and resplendent in their reflection on the gorgeous Twin Lakes... the autumn foliage gets denser and grander as we gain altitude... the blazing aspen trees framed against a calm blue sky... the famous 'quaking' aspen leaves... a tiny breather at the breathtaking Independence Pass... the vast stretch of treeless tundra... unusually striking and dramatic... the legendary Maroon Bells at Aspen... the snow-streaked mountains swing on the lap of the golden aspens... one look back and a clump of actually maroon mountains... a patch of mellow sun dancing on them... an unforgettable moment, a joyful giddiness... aspen groves, young and old... the soothing white of their feeble trunks... graffiti carved on one... all loveliness!

There's more to this dream-scape, coming up...


  1. Hello Suman. I don't know anything about Colorado. But I like to discover this area through your eyes, writing and photos ! It seems to be great !!! Especially for a mountain lover. Have a great weekend !

  2. Hi Saman,fabulous post,the pics are beautiful.

  3. Breathtaking! What an adventure.

  4. The Continental Divide - it's as mysterious and beckoning to me as The Khyber Pass or Great Barrier Reef. Thanks for the visit, and I look forward to more.
    I've had a lovely read of your last few posts - re-read the beach post - lovely.

  5. Nice Post Mickey...Colorado is one of the place I want to go before I leave USA..But now I think even if I will not get a chance to go there I will not feel bad...I saw and enjoyed it through your writing and pictures..

  6. Celine, hello! Glad you enjoyed it. Yes, the place was pretty hard to capture in words. So I just let the pictures speak instead!

    Sunny, thank you so much!

    libererlesprit, bro this has been long! I'm happy you found your way back. :-)

    P.K., thank you! Adventure, it was!

    Pondside, thank you for your ever encouraging words. Yes, the landscape was all very dramatic.

    Anonymous, so you know me after all! :-) Thank you for such a nice compliment.

  7. They are all beautiful, but the close-up of the leaves is entrancing. I will bookmark this page so that I can come back and have my spirits lifted.

  8. Linda, thank you so very much for that great compliment! Yes, the quaking leaves were a delight to watch.


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