Saturday, November 26, 2011

We've got everything...

... because we have each other."

So says the card. And our four years of togetherness.
Of sharing, carefree laughs, days bad and good
Weaving lost, cherished days of childhood.
For we go back a long way
And how, this little story will say...

From morning assemblies and sleepy Math lessons
To strange Latin names and ugly potions

They fought, they argued
Yet as the best of friends they stood

They signed vows to stick through thick and thin
Just as their teenage, highschool days had seen
He, to his engineering skills rushed
She got her Shakespeare and Byron rehearsed

And so friends they remained 
Till one fine day destiny intervened
Could there be more than just friendship
He mulled over it, thoughtful and neck-deep
Flabbergasted, she thought it was weird
The minds raced and hearts feared
But it was meant to be
That, they too, could well see
And so it has been ever since
A world painted with rosy and golden tints.


  1. Ah - a love story - beautiful! Looking back, remembering when it was four years for us, I recall it as a wonderful time of confidence and being settled in our relationship, but still with the excitement of a future of unlimited possibilities. Today, after 38 years, the feelings remain the same. That's what happens when you marry your best friend!
    Happy Anniversary!

  2. beautiful. Happy Anniversary...

  3. Hello Suman. It's so Beautiful !! I think it's wonderful to be friends and lovers ! Happy Anniversary !

  4. Pondside, thank you so much for the wishes. You and Great Dane are one of the loveliest examples of eternal togetherness I've ever seen. And true, it does feel wonderful being married to one's best friend.

    Rajnish, thanks a lot!

    Celine, yes wonderful and challenging, both I would say! :-) Thank you for the wishes.


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