Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas lights

"Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful."
~ Norman Vincent Peale

Christmas lights round the corner
fluttering and flickering
old Redmond Town Square ablaze
the air swells with chill and joy
the old heart smells of love and longing
of long lost poems and drowsy doodles
to and fro, back and forth
it goes
stringing memory to memory
adding year after year
in a neat, nostalgic pattern
fluttering and flickering
just like these lights.


  1. beautiful...

  2. Beautiful prose.
    The light displays are fantastic at this holiday time.

  3. Yes! I never thought about strung lights as doodles . . . dot-to-dot! Beautiful.

  4. So many people are dismissive of Christmas lights, but I love them. They light up the darkest time of the year and bring such joy, signaling wonders to come to children of all ages.

  5. Beautiful poem!!
    I like Christmas lights, decorations and a city during Christmas time! It’s so joyful.

  6. Rajnish, thank you!

    Susan, thank you so much for dropping by!

    Ruth, thank you! Dot-to-dot and there you are, a whole world inside your head!

    Pondside, couldn't agree more! I love Christmas lights too, they sooth my eyes and warm my heart.

    Celine, you are very kind as always. Thank you! True, everything sparkles during Christmas.


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