Saturday, December 10, 2011

Furry Friday

The robins have a competitor now and a very industrious one too. This furry little guy scampers up and down the autumnberry tree as if there's no tomorrow. He dances on the berry laden boughs, holding onto the flimsy twigs precariously and reaches out to the seducing dots of red. Plucking and relishing the berries, he curls his woolly tail in contentment for a flicker of a second. I bat my eyelids and there he is, scurrying down elsewhere for some more of the juicy manna.
How I envy his zeal and voracity. And his unwavering steadfastness.

Have a great weekend.


  1. Weren't you lucky to be there for that moment?
    People up here don't like the squirrels at all, but I love to watch them. If someone bottled the industriousness, I'd buy a crate of it!

  2. Beautifully captured. I like the red of the berries and the reddish fur of the squirrel. Here they are black or grey.

  3. How Lucky !! This photo is wonderful ! And this squirrel is cute.

  4. What a grand shot! He is adorable.

  5. Pondside, I was absolutely thrilled. I can sit for hours watching them, and that 'bottled industriousness' thought is brilliant.

    P.K, thank you so much! I had once seen a pitch black squirrel and I remember being not so pleased. ;-)

    Celine, lucky indeed! Thank you!

    Alexandria, many thanks... Adorable he is, hands down!


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