Saturday, December 3, 2011

Come December

"God gave us our memories, so that we might have roses in December."
~ J.M. Barrie

December at last. A faint yet heady fragrance of the anniversary roses fills the kitchen space while I go about my regular chores. Still wearing that fresh and dainty look, they sit perkily in a neat square vase. With a quick, pleading look shot at them, I say to myself, "please don't wither!"

With the autumn gone, a dear friend too has left for a long vacation home. Now Mona and I don't go back a long way, but in the unpredictable rule book of friendship that hardly matters. Within a span of mere six months we grew onto each other, moulding and shaping ourselves as per the other's needs and situations. And quite surprisingly, we've had a fair amount in such a short duration. Life!
Despite the rarity of likes and dislikes we share, she comprehends me like very few people have done. Even the ones who have known me for years. I read her like an open book and that is what she loves the most, the needlessness to spell every tidbit out. We would meet regularly over walks, lunch, shopping and sometimes in the weekends with the husbands. And if that couldn't satiate us then we would manage an hour long phone talk in between all the day's work.
Now that she will be away for a couple of months, I feel a little vulnerable and lost. Like a petulant child, I long for the potato and mint soup she brings over whenever I'm down with a migraine or a cold. But of course I cannot be selfish, or is that allowed in such friendships?

Then trudge on, I must. For it's starting to look a lot like Christmas. And I cannot wait to capture some of that sparkling red and green glory that has been decking up the nook and corners of the city.

So roses sprinkled with some toasty memories - J.M. Barrie couldn't be more happy!

P.S. The blog header has gone from blue skies to black and white, just as the landscape would in a few days. Those are the Olympic mountains captured from an evening ferry. 


  1. Gaining a new friendship is so wonderful. Perhaps you two will mail things back and forth. I do love that aspect with friends that are no longer nearby.

  2. Friendships like that are hard to find. Nurture it well!

  3. Your header is a familiar view - of course from across the water, but gorgeous just the same.
    Friendship among women is a particular blessing - especially one in which there's instant connection and understanding. You're very lucky!

  4. I have a friend like this, a lifetime treasure.

  5. A very beautiful post about friendship ! As an only child, my best friend is like my sister. I like when you say : we grew onto each other. Real friendship is so important !

  6. Sunny, thank you!

    Alexandria, yes, it's beautiful!

    Solitary Walker, couldn't agree more!

    Pondside, oh blessing it is for sure! And thank you for the header compliments.

    Ruth, true, a lifetime treasure it is. And thank you so much for visiting!

    Celine, thank you! What a coincidence, I am an only child too! We do see our best friends as sisters. That is so very comforting a feeling, isn't it!


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